Monday, September 28, 2015

Pandora comic test page

This was my first attempt with trialing different colour treatments for a potential comic page of Pandora. I had already decided that the colour scheme for this comic will be analogous. The first image at left is not great. But I had to do this in order to see what I didn't want.

These next images (the left is the same as the top right) - I adjusted the background transparency to see if this would create an interesting look. Still unsure at this stage. But I am certain that the one at left is stronger.
At this point too I have consciously left out any shadowing. The last image (next) I have introduced a basic shading. It is again the strongest of the other options so far.
I hope to soon upload some more tests. One thing I have also considered is texture. This can be as simple as adding linear marks.

As always thanks for visiting. Take care and hope to post up more soon.

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