Saturday, May 30, 2015

What if your pet had super powers?

Dog vs cat illustration for #creativeprompt

My third entry into #creativeprompt challenge from Henrike Dijkstra.

Today’s challenge was to come up with an idea regarding what if your pet or someone you knew had gained a super power?

Thought of the ongoing power struggle between pets, specifically dog vs cat. Hey, I am a dog lover myself so went with dog having a super power and using it to get one over the cat. Seen way to many Youtube videos of cat's been so nasty. So here's to all you dog lovers out there.

Tools used:
  • Adobe ideas
  • Procreate
  • Photoshop CS3 for quick tidy up

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Winter outfit for an octopus

creativeprompt octopus illustration
My second entry into #creativeprompt challenge from Henrike.
Today’s challenge was to create a winter outfit for an octopus. I know, cool aye.
I thought I'd put up some conceptual ideas (very rough) to show how I kinda got to the finale. See below.
The challenge for me was to think how I would tackle 'heating' for this marine creature. Some of my attempts were literal (like one with a scarf and hat) whilst others were more in line with capturing heat. The latter I went with.

The idea then was along the lines of capturing heat through means of  good old solar(sun). The orange pad on his upper head is the solar panel.
The final pose I chose was to be relaxed and overall for the character to be 'cute'. Some of my early sketches were a bit too menacing.

Some conceptual ideas:)
Tools used:
  • Adobe ideas
  • Procreate
  • Photoshop CS3 for a little touch-up

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Zombie Mouse

#creativeprompt - Zombie Mouse_Jason CrawfordArt

This was a fun little image created as a result of #creativeprompt challenge via Henrike Dijkstra found here on twitter. The challenge is to come up with some idea / character design.Its a great way to quickly come up with an idea. Lot of fun.

Here are two inked up versions I did on my iphone thanks to Adobe ideas app.
The challenge I wanted to put on myself was rendering the image with a certain amount of un-restraint. It was a good opportunity to push myself and let go. Overall it's chaotic, whimsical and a hint of umpphhh!!!!Which is good. I need to push myself in this new scary area. Wish me happy thoughts.

Thanks to Henrike for the awesome #creativeprompt challenge.
Too my wife - did the awesome typography whilst having breakfast. She is sooo awesome!!! What a machine.

Take care and thanks for visiting.

Tools used:
Iphone with Adobe ideas
Procreate for rendering

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Venn Diagram - Chris Oatley Academy

Venn Diagram for Jason Crawford
Hello and welcome. I have recently joined up online to Chris Oatley Academy Live. Awesome course. Seriously awesome!!!

The above diagram is part of some homework that we had to do. I have no doubt that this diagram will aid me to become more focused and specify the steps needed to begin my personal project. Oh , I can't wait. But that's enough about me, what about you? Yes, you.
If you have been struggling as an artist and need that place to grow, dream and be surrounded with other liked minded peeps - get over to Chris Oatley here. You will not regret it. Seriously.

It has changed the trajectory of my artistic journey from mis-fired efforts and deep frustrations to one of hope, challenge and as in the above diagram, focus moving forward.

As always, thanks for visiting. Take care.

Link again for Chris Oatley so you too can begin that journey to becoming a better artist; here.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Funny Wolverine illustration

Digital illustration of Wolverine
Still can't get Wolverine out of my head. It's those killer curls, awesome. For this illustration I wanted to keep the image fairly clean and also wanted to try out the A-tone (mechanical tint) in photoshop. Credit here to Hi-Fi comics for the A-tone range.
Tried a new font called 'DK Lemon Yellow Sun' which my lovely wife suggested I use. Check it out online. Used here in the speech bubble. It has a lovely hand drawn quality about it.

A big highlight this week is finally joining up with Chris Oatley's Oatley Academy Live.  Lots to learn and lots and lots of people to meet. Very excited. 
So recommend that you go check him out. Find him here.

So long, take care.

Tools used:
  • Adobe ideas on ipad for the inking
  • Adobe illustrator for the type
  • Photoshop CS3 for A-tone (mechanical tint)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hulk - quick sketch

Hulk digital illustration created with ipad
A quick digital mash up of the Hulk. I think I am still recovering from  Avengers age of ultron. The Hulk was like - smashing!!! Actually I just now remember that the 80's Hulk movie (yes I am that old) was the first movie I saw in cinema. Loved it.

If you like this Hulk you may also like another Hulk illustration I have done recently found here.

This image was created on my iphone 5 using the incredibly awesome duo of Adobe ideas and Procreate. You can find there links here, also in my previous post.

Phew, lot of linking going on!!!

Enjoy and take care.

Tools used:
  • Procreate
  • Adobe Ideas

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wolverine illustration

Digital illustration created in Adobe of digital character Wolverine
Fun concept of Wolverine.
I have a tonne of pencilled drawings, this been one of them. I said to myself, c'mon this needs to be finished. So I took a photo on my iPhone and then inked it using Adobe ideas. From there it was into Procreate to colour it up. Still can't believe just how great these two apps are. Couldn't recommend them more highly.

One of the main reasons for using the iPhone is the immediacy from using it. With a full time job and only so much energy to expend within a day this is a welcomed trade off. I can have the image inked and coloured whilst on the go. Just brilliant. T-I-M-E investment – yes!!!!

Here are the links for those great apps.

Adobe ideas (Adobe ideas is now incorporate in an updated completely new App from Adobe called ‘Adobe Illustrator Draw’.

As always thanks for popping on in. Take care!!!

Tools used:
  • Procreate
  • Adobe Ideas
  • Photoshop CS3

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Star Wars Day_May the 4th be with you

Another step towards finishing this tutorial with Patrick Brown through skill share. Seriously check him out here.  
So here's to a little Star Wars fandom with Star Wars Day. Like a lot of fans I got a little giddy with the release of the recent teaser trailer Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Can't wait.

As always, thanks for visiting. Take care and God bless.
And hopefully will post up soon the next installment update of this tutorial.