Sunday, March 22, 2015

Star Wars Fan art_Han Solo Sketch

Way back in January of 2015 (in a galaxy far, far away) I said about doing a post for Han Solo. he is!!!
This sketch is for the next awesome online course through Skill-share by Patrick Brown, awesome artist. The course is called Characters in a scene - Sketch to digital. Recommend enrolling in it.

Next to follow is his partner in crime, Mr Chewbacca. Arrggghhhh (wookie sound).

As always, thanks for popping on in.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Character Concepts

I really love this part of the concept process. Fleshing out shapes and building up hopefully memorable character ideas.
I have until only recently been drawing directly on the ipad using these two awesome apps (Procreate and Adobe ideas).

I recently listened to a Chris Oatley podcast with artist extraordinaire Brett 2-D Bean (here).
Chris asked Brett about his approach to character design. Brett mentioned that he gathered very little reference to begin with. This freed him up to explore ideas and also not become a slave whilst reference gathering.
This is something that I have tried to aim for whilst drawing in the initial concept stage. The biggest reason for this is to find 'my voice'. This doesn't necessarily mean finding 'my style' per say. My voice is what am I trying to communicate. It just so happens that my work is humorous and lighter in content as opposed to darker themes. This is what I am drawn to (no pun intended).

Disclaimer...hehe. Brett did go on to mention that when he first started learning to draw he had to use reference. Couldn't agree more. As you become more confident (which means after drawing hundreds upon hundreds of images) you will not rely as much on drawing (whatever).

As always, thanks for visiting and have a great week ahead.

Tools used: (both on ipad)
  • Adobe ideas (app)
  • Procreate (app)

Friday, March 6, 2015

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza toppings

TMNT fan art!!!!

What can I say. I love these guys. They are super fun to draw and as a character design they are awesome.
And they love pizza, c'mon. What's not to like.

I initially started with Raphael (Big dude). Then threw together some random face sketches and drew them on the ipad through procreate (another great drawing app). 
As I didn't have a strong idea how these were all going to fit together I did what I normally do...leave it for a few hours, come back and see what ideas were culminating in my brain. Still nothing, so wrestled with it throughout the week until I stumbled across the idea of a pizza menu. Then everything feel into place.

As always, thanks for swinging on by. 

Tools used:
  • Photoshop CS3
  • Illustrator CS3
  • Adobe ideas and Procreate on ipad