Monday, September 28, 2015

Pandora comic-story development

I have secretly been working away on my comic story for Pandora. Phew, what a process. Lots, and I mean lots to learn. So before I go any further I need to give a big shout out for these two great resources.

Firstly, Chris Oatley's Academy Live. The resources phenomenal, the people absolutely wonderful . Nothing beats not feeling alone out there in cyberspace. And secondly, Blake Synder's 'Save the cat'. This book 'Save the cat' is awesome. Find the website here.
Cannot recommend these resources more highly enough.

What follows below are screenshots of the processes I have been developing for my comic Pandora.

I have used Visio, a Microsoft flowchart / diagram program for mapping out the story structure. OMG, where have you been all my life Visio. If you need to have processes laid out visually with relative ease then check out this software. 

The logline (Blake Synder): Google 'logline' to find our more. However, in a nutshell it is the pitch to your story. Tremendously helpful when developing your story. So keep this close keeps you on track.

Opening image (Blake Synder): A paragraph that represents the tone / struggle of the main character.

Set up (Blake Synder): A paragraph on the main character's world as it is before the main catalyst takes effect.

Theme stated (Blake Synder): This is the 'what is your story about'. It's message. Really important to keep this close by as well when developing your story.

Catalysts mapped out: By plotting the major catalysts it has helped to gauge how to arrive and move through scenes. We'll, that's the theory anyway. Has been really helpful.

Antagonist backstory: Exploring the story of the bad guys. Something I found super helpful was 'rules of engagement' for the baddies. Having this rule reminds me to be consistent as the story progresses.

Catalyst developed with dialogue: For the first catalyst within the story I am trying to get a feel for how it might go by way of dialogue. This has helped so far and I have continued to use for the other catalysts as well.

Disclaimer: All of the above is the result of the absolutely awesome cited resources above. Also, I cannot recommend more highly if you (yes you) are wanting to learn about crafting a story that you visit Oatley Academy Live.

As always, thanks for visiting. More to follow soon. 
Welcome any thoughts, comments. Have a great day.

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