Monday, November 24, 2014

Rocket Raccoon Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy was such a great movie. Loved the story - so entertaining.
So I just had to do a character - Rocket Raccoon. AWESOME!!!

Influences for the sytle was definitely Mike Mignola. I have always loved his treatment of black and white. There is also Skottie Young (Love his stuff) and recently I discovered artist Michael Golden.

After inking up the whole image I wasn't really that happy with his gun....soooo I decided to try some experimental options. Bigger the gun, bigger the impact.

Hope to get the finished image up next post.

Bye for now

Tools used:
  • Adobe ideas
  • Wacom Bamboo stylus
  • Ipad

Monday, November 17, 2014

Digital character faces

Hello, and welcome.
Here are some faces I created recently using Adobe ideas and Sketchbook pro. Both on the ipad. 

Inspiration was to just play with shapes and see what came out of it.
These all initially start with quick fire doodling at my work desk.
This process so works for me as I don't over-think the drawing....well, not too much anyway.

Bye for now.

Tools used:
  • Adobe ideas
  • Sketchbook pro

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Octopus illustration

Been able to ink digitally (still very much a work in progress) has become so much more achievable due to Adobe Ideas.
Having the functionality to re-edit your stroke work, control the width of the stroke is just too awesome. But the selling point for me is that lovely tapered finish of the stroke by using the brush tool.
It just makes your lines sing with vitality. And who doesn’t like some singing line work!!!!
And if that wasn't enough, Adobe Ideas is a free app through the apple apps store.

My inspiration for the style of the drawing came from illustrator ‘BeastPop Artworks’. Just love the way he uses colour. Check him out, great style.

Well, that’s another post done and dusted.
Bye for now

Tools used:
  • Adobe Ideas
  • Bamboo stylus on ipad
  • Right hand

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Had a fantastic time at the exhibition.
Was soooo fortunate to see some awesome artwork.
Particular favourites were the sculpts. Anything from a set design like Grommit in the glass house to Alex from Madagascar.
Of the drawings Nico Marlet's was stand out. Train your dragon to Kung Fu Panda. I just love his use of muted colours. And the character drawings. How he creates such dynamic cute characters with simplicity. Awesome!!!
And what can I say about Melbourne. Great place, friendly and a joy to just explore.

Tools used for the above images:
  • Sonya's iPhone
  • Lots of walking, smiling and (friendly) pointing