I have loved drawing for as long as I can remember. It wasn't however until long after leaving high school and my home town where I met my beautiful wife that I reconnected to the love of art.

My first pursuit was getting a diploma in cartooning and illustration. Sold some gags for a local newspaper and other one off black and white humorous illustrations for magazines.

I then pursued graphic design and got a diploma. 

Continuing to try my hand in other avenues I gained some experience working on a film set. There was also some storyboarding. And I also worked with an animator to produce characters for a short.

Then about 3 years ago I stumbled rather accidentally across a man named Chris Oatley online. He had and still has great advice and a ton of resources for any aspiring artist. 
I also have found awesomeness in online education 'Skillshare' and 'Hi-Fi for comics'. 

So, here I am. Focused and quietly determined to see myself become better as a character designer. Added to this is my self created project, a comic. I have wanted to do this for such a long time.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you find the blog a place of inspiration. Some helpful tips too. 

Take care.