Monday, September 28, 2015

Pandora comic - Influence map

As a part of Oatley Academy Live homework we had to create an influence map for our personal project (comic - Pandora).

This has been a great exercise. The main highlights from this so far are;

1. Developing the world in which the character lives in. This is broken down into 'whereabouts' and 'when'.

Whereabouts = Iowa, America. Why? The only real reason for my choosing this is my affinity for America when we travelled over there in 2012. Just loved it.

When = 1980's. Why? Being an 80's child has a somewhat bearing on this. However a major factor that I want to capture was an era in which technology was not so dominant. Hello 80's.
I feel this era will help my decision making within the story be more 'primal' and not so reliant on the hero been able to 'google' out of dangerous situations.

2. Influences and artists

For the influences and artists I've chosen barely touch the surface. Just so many awesome artists out there. However I do feel that Guy Davis, Mike Mignola and Carlos Huante really capture that essence that I am after. That huge creature by Guy Davis sprawling over the city - that for me is a key image. Just awesome.

Also under influences are colour scheme ideas and keys. Reference points for Celtic design and symbols.

Above screenshot image for study of 'entity' character for comic. Reference artists as above.

As always, thanks for visiting. Take care and hope to post more soon.

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