Saturday, October 31, 2015

Inktober images 2015

Above are the only drawings I was able to submit for this my first attempt at inktober 2015. I was a little bummed that I couldn't keep the momentum (had a flat move and new place had issues with internet), Maybe next year though. 
I thoroughly enjoyed the process, especially returning to traditional medium using mainly pro markers and some trusty ink pens. I also used twink (whiteout) pen for some highlights and fix ups. 
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Monday, September 28, 2015

Pandora comic - Influence map

As a part of Oatley Academy Live homework we had to create an influence map for our personal project (comic - Pandora).

This has been a great exercise. The main highlights from this so far are;

1. Developing the world in which the character lives in. This is broken down into 'whereabouts' and 'when'.

Whereabouts = Iowa, America. Why? The only real reason for my choosing this is my affinity for America when we travelled over there in 2012. Just loved it.

When = 1980's. Why? Being an 80's child has a somewhat bearing on this. However a major factor that I want to capture was an era in which technology was not so dominant. Hello 80's.
I feel this era will help my decision making within the story be more 'primal' and not so reliant on the hero been able to 'google' out of dangerous situations.

2. Influences and artists

For the influences and artists I've chosen barely touch the surface. Just so many awesome artists out there. However I do feel that Guy Davis, Mike Mignola and Carlos Huante really capture that essence that I am after. That huge creature by Guy Davis sprawling over the city - that for me is a key image. Just awesome.

Also under influences are colour scheme ideas and keys. Reference points for Celtic design and symbols.

Above screenshot image for study of 'entity' character for comic. Reference artists as above.

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Pandora comic-story development

I have secretly been working away on my comic story for Pandora. Phew, what a process. Lots, and I mean lots to learn. So before I go any further I need to give a big shout out for these two great resources.

Firstly, Chris Oatley's Academy Live. The resources phenomenal, the people absolutely wonderful . Nothing beats not feeling alone out there in cyberspace. And secondly, Blake Synder's 'Save the cat'. This book 'Save the cat' is awesome. Find the website here.
Cannot recommend these resources more highly enough.

What follows below are screenshots of the processes I have been developing for my comic Pandora.

I have used Visio, a Microsoft flowchart / diagram program for mapping out the story structure. OMG, where have you been all my life Visio. If you need to have processes laid out visually with relative ease then check out this software. 

The logline (Blake Synder): Google 'logline' to find our more. However, in a nutshell it is the pitch to your story. Tremendously helpful when developing your story. So keep this close keeps you on track.

Opening image (Blake Synder): A paragraph that represents the tone / struggle of the main character.

Set up (Blake Synder): A paragraph on the main character's world as it is before the main catalyst takes effect.

Theme stated (Blake Synder): This is the 'what is your story about'. It's message. Really important to keep this close by as well when developing your story.

Catalysts mapped out: By plotting the major catalysts it has helped to gauge how to arrive and move through scenes. We'll, that's the theory anyway. Has been really helpful.

Antagonist backstory: Exploring the story of the bad guys. Something I found super helpful was 'rules of engagement' for the baddies. Having this rule reminds me to be consistent as the story progresses.

Catalyst developed with dialogue: For the first catalyst within the story I am trying to get a feel for how it might go by way of dialogue. This has helped so far and I have continued to use for the other catalysts as well.

Disclaimer: All of the above is the result of the absolutely awesome cited resources above. Also, I cannot recommend more highly if you (yes you) are wanting to learn about crafting a story that you visit Oatley Academy Live.

As always, thanks for visiting. More to follow soon. 
Welcome any thoughts, comments. Have a great day.

Pandora comic test page

This was my first attempt with trialing different colour treatments for a potential comic page of Pandora. I had already decided that the colour scheme for this comic will be analogous. The first image at left is not great. But I had to do this in order to see what I didn't want.

These next images (the left is the same as the top right) - I adjusted the background transparency to see if this would create an interesting look. Still unsure at this stage. But I am certain that the one at left is stronger.
At this point too I have consciously left out any shadowing. The last image (next) I have introduced a basic shading. It is again the strongest of the other options so far.
I hope to soon upload some more tests. One thing I have also considered is texture. This can be as simple as adding linear marks.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Chosen as one of the top 3 students for character design challenge!!!

Absolutely stoked to be recognized as one of the top three students for this awesome course through Skillshare. It is a real honor. Super stoked.
And yes, a bit more meme and then that's it I promise, but here is the certificate for completing the course...YAY!!!

As always, thanks for visiting and if you want to find out more about Skillshare check it out here. Also if you want to see some of the art I created as the result of doing this course, please click here.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Mini Chewie

Chewbacca illustration
Final 30 day character illustration completed!!!! YAY and whoooaaa!!!!
As I had previously done this lesson some months earlier I was encouraged to re-submit or tweak the design from that lesson. So I went back to the future (oh yeah) to re-submit another Chewbacca.
It was a busy weekend so this concept (above) was quickly hashed out old school - on paper with pencil. Took photo on ipad and imported into Manga Studio 5. Also used Sketchup for a little help with the gun.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

From Concept to final artwork - finished piece

The final image. Hooray!!!
Did a very basic background that was setup in Illustrator. More texture was applied to the floor.
The speech-bubble was done in Manga studio 5. Manga has such a flexible, intuitive setup for doing speech bubbles. Way more so than Photoshop or Illustrator.

Thanks as always for visiting. 
Last lesson for 30 day challenge by the super talented Patrick Brown to follow soon.