Sunday, May 24, 2015

Zombie Mouse

#creativeprompt - Zombie Mouse_Jason CrawfordArt

This was a fun little image created as a result of #creativeprompt challenge via Henrike Dijkstra found here on twitter. The challenge is to come up with some idea / character design.Its a great way to quickly come up with an idea. Lot of fun.

Here are two inked up versions I did on my iphone thanks to Adobe ideas app.
The challenge I wanted to put on myself was rendering the image with a certain amount of un-restraint. It was a good opportunity to push myself and let go. Overall it's chaotic, whimsical and a hint of umpphhh!!!!Which is good. I need to push myself in this new scary area. Wish me happy thoughts.

Thanks to Henrike for the awesome #creativeprompt challenge.
Too my wife - did the awesome typography whilst having breakfast. She is sooo awesome!!! What a machine.

Take care and thanks for visiting.

Tools used:
Iphone with Adobe ideas
Procreate for rendering

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