Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Characters in Motion - Patrick Brown

I found Patrick Brown (digital artist) during a Pinterest search and was instantly hooked with his work. So when I found out he was offering online tutorials I was super excited. Currently I am working through his first tutorial - click this link, Characters in Motion
The challenge is to come up with some characters in a dynamic pose. You had to choose fan art or something of your own creation. Hello Chewbecca and Han Solo. I loved these guys as a kid. Riding in the millennium falcon, nailing stormtroopers. Kinda modern sci fi pirates.
So I have started on Chewbecca. For the tutorial I have started on 'Drawing dynamic action poses' and 'Drawing convincing facial expressions' as above. The last part of the tutorial is 'Drawing your character in a scene'. I hope to have this up soon.
After Chewie is sorted I'm onto Han. And once this is all done (phew) I will go onto the next tutorial of Patrick's - Characters in a scene: Sketch to Digital. Can't wait!!!

As always, thanks for visiting and may the force be with you. I just had to say that.

Tools used: 
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Soft 2b pencil
  • Battery erasure
  • Normal clutch erasure
  • Star Wars YouTube clips playing...oh yeah!!!!

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