Saturday, January 24, 2015

Batman Caricature

Did a batman caricature for one of my wife's workmates (Paul) for a leaving present. Was such a fun project to do. I have also included a picture of said Paul with said caricature, both looking happy.

Initially I started the caricature in pencil (no.1) with a really big zoomed up image of Paul in photoshop.
An earlier concept was to have Paul surrounded by other characters from the Batman series like Penguin, Joker and Bain (no.2). But it felt too busy so that idea was dropped. 
When the caricature was completed a simple background of green was firstly used. But again the image was lacking context. Thanks to my lovely wife we brainstormed and came up with the idea for the city line backdrop. So much more gotham!!!

As always, thanks for visiting. Any comments always welcome. 

Tools used:
  • Soft 2b pencil
  • Adobe ideas on ipad for inking
  • Adobe illustrator for plinth and cleanup
  • Photoshop for colouring

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