Monday, August 24, 2015

From Concept to final artwork - colour tests

From the previous post (see here) - I now have coloured up the above image in Photoshop. Also have added some yummy textures. There is certainly a lot more to this piece which can only really be covered by checking out the tutorial by Matt Kaufenberg here. Awesome, seriously check it out.

For these next examples below I colour corrected (played around) with the colours to find a pleasing colour scheme. This was done in Photoshop using Hue-Saturation.


How's about some gradient
This was a new technique that I stumbled upon. I had selected the outline of the boxer character and filled it in with a flat colour on a new layer. In this case it was yellow. Then I selected the filled shape and did a gradient with a purple colour. Also on a new layer. The gradient was set foreground to transparent. From there I played around with the mode settings for each of the respective coloured layers to get the above look. Overall I was stoked with the outcome. Super bonus.

Thanks for visiting and take care. Will post up image with background soon.

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