Sunday, July 19, 2015

Manga studio 5 girl image

Manga Studio 5 image from Jason Crawford Art
Recently bought Manga Studio 5 or as it is known (Clip Studio Paint Pro digital). Wow, what an amazing program.
The features so far are really intuitive to use. Especially the brushes. They are so smooth and the responsiveness with the wacom tablet is in my opinion far superior to photoshop. 
In the past where I would have to do my inking on the ipad and then colour up in photoshop, I can now do all within the one program. Absolute time saver!!!!

Probably however the biggest selling point for the program is the cost price. I paid just over $30 (NZ dollars). This was with a sale that Manga had on recently. But I would be more than happy to pay the full price of $75. Also to note that upgrading is very affordable for the future. So well done Manga Studio.

So, in closing...couldn't recommend this program more highly enough. Can't wait to upload more yummies in the future from this program.

A question for you, yes you (the visitor).
If you have used Manga Studio I would love to hear any comments on how you have found the program. As always, thanks for visiting.

Take care

Tools used = Manga Studio (only)

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