Monday, June 8, 2015

Star Wars fan art illustration

Star Wars fan art
It is finished - whoooaaa!!!!This has been a labor of love and hate as I have worked on this for the last month and a half. So glad I persevered. Probably the greatest lesson I have learned is if something is bothering you, get rid of it. That walking carpet (Mr Chewbacca) was edited and re-edited sooooo many times till I got the fur where I wanted it. Full respect to artists who do furry creatures. Seriously!!!
I will post up soon a basic little run over of the basics in this piece. Hope some stuff in it may help.
As always, thanks for visiting.
And a big shout out to the awesome artist Patrick Brown. His tutorial online through Skillshare was awesome and helped me so much. Thank you Patrick.

Tools used:
  • Photoshop CS3
  • Wacom tablet
  • Sketch up for AT-AT Walkers
  • Illustrator CS3
  • a mumbling plea of "this wookie will not get the better of me"


  1. Looking good Sir! And the fur looks great :)

  2. Thanks Brandon for encouraging comment. Fur and fear must overcome :)